Citrus and Fruit Tree

Texas Growers Nursery carries the best quality container-grown citrus trees and fruit trees that require low chilll hours. Below are some of the trees that you will find while shoping at the houston garden center location near Sugar Land, TX.

owari satsuma OWARI SATSUMA

This is a superior fruit of the Mandarin family. It is a very cold hardy,slow-growing, and spreading tree with open dark green foliage. Tree is also considered thorn-less. Fruit is easy peeling and has few to no seeds and is actually considered a seedless fruit.

miho satsuma MIHO SATSUMA

Texas variety that is early to mid season ripening. Very easy to peel considered seedless with no thorns

mr mac satsuma MR. MAC SATSUMA

Texas variety that is early to mid season ripening. Very easy to peel considered seedless with no thorns.

valencia orange VALENCIA ORANGE

Great orange for juicing.  Harvest between March and June.  Only variety of orange in season during the summer. 


The tree is small to medium in size with smaller leaves and is very tolerant to the cold. The fruit holds well on the tree, is small, and has a round shape; known to be very good to eat fresh off of the tree.


The tree is small in size with fine branches, and oval leaves. Known to be very productive and cold tolerant. The fruit is very small, tender, and known to bear sour to most people.

clementine manderine CLEMENTINE MANDARINE

Tree is considered to grow upright and is small to medium in size. The Mandarin has very attractive dark green leaves. The fruit is medium size and easy to peel. The fruit also has seeds but the flavor is excellent quality.

rio red grapefruit RIO RED GRAPEFRUIT

The tree is large in size and is known to be cold tolerant. The flesh and rind of the fruit has a crimson tinge. Also ripens midseason and holds well on the tree.

pumelo grapefruit PUMMELO GRAPEFRUIT

This tree is Medium to large in size bearing delicious fruit. The fruit is very juicy, seedless, and usually bears December to January.


Fruit is known to have thin skin and juicy. Also is considered to be mild and crossed with an orange explaining the trees rounded top. Perfect for pies and lemonade, and is very unique in that it will bear multiple crops per season. Tree is considered to be small to medium in size.

Lisbon Lemon LISBON LEMON 

The tree is large, thorny, and stands upright with dense foliage. The flowers and new growth when appearing tend to have a purple tint. Fruit is medium in size and best picked when ripened; also tends to over ripen quite easily.

Apple Anna Tree APPLE ANNA

Remarkable fruit/tree for mild-winter climates.  Heavy crops of sweet, crisp, flavorful apples.  Great fresh or cooked.  200 Chill Hours.  Self Fruitful, or pollinate with Dorsett Golden or Einshemer.  Fruit is red, ripens around July.

Apple Einsheimer Tree APPLE, EINSHEIMER

Heavy-bearing, very low chilling requirement. Sweet yellow apples in early summer. Excellent pollinator for Anna. Chill Hours, 100. Self fruitful. 

Apple Dorsett Golden APPLE, GOLDEN DORSETT

Outstanding sweet apple for warm winter areas. Firm, very flavorful, sweet like Golden Delicious. 100 hours. Self fruitful.

Avacado Panch Tree AVACADO, PANCHO

The fruit is oval to slightly pear-shaped and is light green in color with a very thin skin.  Medium sized fruit, cold hardy to the mid teens, ripens August to September. 

Celeste Fig Tree FIG, CELESTE

The Celest Fig tree can reach 25ft high.  Vigorously growing tree.  Very productive tree.  Ripens early summer, before most other fig varieties.  Fruits without pollination.  The fruit is small and pear-shaped with ribbed sides.  The color ranges from purple to brown, tinged with broze.  The pulp is white or amber colored.  Celeste figs are very sweet with a rich, fresh flavor.

Arbequina Olive Tree OLIVE, ARBEQUINA

The Arbequina Olive is recognized for its aromatic ripeness, low bitterness, pungency and stability.  Self pollinating, low polyphenol content, small fruit and cold hardy.

Peach Florida King PEACH, FLORIDA KING

The Florda king Peach tree produces a high quality, early season peach.  Large semi-freestone, sweet fruit.  450 Chill hours or less.  Photo courtesy of Dave Wilson Nursery. 

Pear Keiffer PEAR, KEIFFER

Kieffer Pear grows large yellow fruit.  Very cold hardy.  Can grow up to 30 feet tall.  Heavy bearer.

Persimmon Fuyu Tree PERSIMMON, FUYU

Delicious non-astringent Japanese Persimmon.  Very heavy bearer. 

Plum Santa Rosa PLUM, SANTA ROSA

Juicy, tangy and flavorful plum.  Reddish purple skin, amber flesh with tinges of red.  300 Chill Hours.  Self-Fruitful. 



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